<<< Volume 1, Issue 1, Autumn 2008 >>>

Welcome to the inaugural issue of EJPE [PDF]

C. Tyler DesRoches, Luis Mireles-Flores, and Thomas Wells




(Why) do selfish people self-select in economics? [PDF]

Alessandro Lanteri


Are we witnessing a ‘revolution’ in methodology of economics?

About Don Ross’s recent book on microexplanation [PDF]

Maurice Lagueux


Reply to Lagueux: on a revolution in methodology of economics [PDF]

Don Ross


The impossibility of finitism: from SSK to ESK? [PDF]

David Tyfield


Bernard Mandeville and the ‘economy’ of the Dutch [PDF]

Alexander Bick


Is history of economic thought a “serious” subject? [PDF]

Maria Cristina Marcuzzo


Special contribution:


Realism from the ‘lands of Kaleva’:

an interview with Uskali Mäki [PDF]


Book reviews:


Review of Donald MacKenzie’s An engine, not a camera:

how financial models shape markets [PDF]

Job Daemen


Review of Stephen Ziliak and Deirdre McCloskey’s The cult of statistical

significance: how the standard error costs us jobs, justice, and lives [PDF]

Aris Spanos


Science is judgement, not only calculation: a reply to Aris Spanos’s

review of The cult of statistical significance [PDF]

Stephen T. Ziliak and Deirdre N. McCloskey


Review of David Colander’s The making of an economist, redux [PDF]

René L. P. Mahieu


Review of Arjo Klamer’s Speaking of economics:

how to get into the conversation [PDF]

Erwin Dekker


Recent PhD thesis summaries:


The imprisoner’s dilemma: the political economy

of proportionate punishment [PDF]

Daniel D’Amico


Rationality and institutions: an inquiry into the normative

implications of rational choice theory [PDF]

Bart Engelen


The moral trial: on ethics and economics [PDF]

Alessandro Lanteri


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