<<< Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2010 >>>

Table of contents [PDF]




Debreu’s apologies for mathematical economics after 1983 [PDF]

Till Düppe


Uncertainty and identity: a post Keynesian approach [PDF]

John B. Davis


Adam Smith and the contemporary world [PDF]

Amartya Sen


Special contribution:


Ethics, economics, and markets:

an interview with Debra Satz [PDF]


Book reviews:


Review of Julian Reiss’s Error in economics:

towards a more evidence-based methodology [PDF]

John Gerring


Review of Russell Hardin’s How do you know?:

the economics of ordinary knowledge [PDF]

Frank Hindriks


Review of Geoffrey M. Hodgson’s Darwinism and economics [PDF]

Valentin Cojanu


Review of Dennis C. Rasmussen’s The problems and promise

of commercial society: Adam Smith’s response to Rousseau [PDF]

Chad Flanders


Review of Paul Dragos Aligica and Peter J. Boettke’s Challenging

institutional analysis and development: the Bloomington School [PDF]

John Groenewegen


Review of Axel Gosseries, Alain Marciano, and Alain Strowel’s

Intellectual property and theories of justice [PDF]

Madhavi Sunder


Recent PhD thesis summaries:


The usefulness of truth:

an enquiry concerning economic modelling [PDF]

Simon Deichsel


Intellectual paths and pathologies:

how small events in scholarly life accidentally grow big [PDF]

Altug Yalçintas


Diversity and economics [PDF]

Carlo D’Ippoliti


An evolutionary approach on knowledge coordination

and theories of mind [PDF]

Chiara Chelini


The phenomenology of economics: life-world,

formalism, and the invisible hand [PDF]

Till Düppe


Sensemaking in economics: economic activity

from a social-philosophical perspective [PDF]

Ekaterina Svetlova