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Table of contents [PDF]




Strength and riches: Nicholas Barbon’s new politics of commerce [PDF]

Geoffrey C. Kellow


Against the pragmatic justification for realism

in economic methodology [PDF]

Simon Deichsel


Puzzled by realism: a response to Deichsel [PDF]

Uskali Mäki


Anti-realism or pro-something else? Response to Deichsel [PDF]

Tony Lawson


Special contribution:


The inexact and separate philosophy of economics:

an interview with Daniel Hausman [PDF]


Book reviews:


Review of Roger E. Backhouse’s The puzzle of modern

economics: science or ideology? [PDF]

David Colander


Review of Paul W. Glimcher’s Foundations of neuroeconomic analysis [PDF]

David M. Frank


Review of Robert Garnett, Erik Olsen, and Martha Starr’s

Economic pluralism [PDF]

Irene van Staveren


Review of Debra Satz’s Why some things should not be for sale [PDF]

Joseph Heath


Review of Willie Henderson’s The origins of David Hume’s economics [PDF]

Christopher J. Berry


Review of Johan J. Graafland’s The market, happiness,

and solidarity: a Christian perspective [PDF]

Joost W. Hengstmengel


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