<<< Volume 4, Issue 2, Autumn 2011 >>>

Table of contents [PDF]




The scientific method of Sir William Petty [PDF]

James H. Ullmer


Adam Smith and cultural relativism [PDF]

Samuel Fleischacker


Special contribution:


The economic entomologist:

an interview with Alan Kirman [PDF]


Book reviews:


Review of Alan Kirman’s Complex economics:

individual and collective rationality [PDF]

Stefan Mendritzki


Review of John B. Davis’s Individuals and identity in economics [PDF]

Miriam Teschl


Review of Deirdre N. McCloskey’s Bourgeois dignity:

why economics can’t explain the modern world [PDF]

Henry Clark


Review of George F. DeMartino’s The economist’s oath:

on the need for and content of professional economic ethics [PDF]

Julian Wells


Review of Steven G. Medema’s The hesitant hand:

taming self-interest in the history of economic ideas [PDF]

David M. Levy


Review of Mark Blaug and Peter Lloyd’s

Famous figures and diagrams in economics [PDF]

Loïc Charles


Review of Paul Oslington’s Adam Smith as theologian [PDF]

Johan Graafland


Review of Christian List and Philip Pettit’s Group agency:

the possibility, design, and status of corporate agents [PDF]

Carlo Martini


Review of Edward Fullbrook’s Ontology

and economics: Tony Lawson and his critics [PDF]

Duncan Hodge


Review of Pushpam Kumar’s The economics of ecosystems

and biodiversity: ecological and economic foundations [PDF]

John Livernois


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