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Table of contents [PDF]




Valuing environmental costs and benefits in an uncertain future:

risk aversion and discounting [PDF]

Fabien Medvecky


Ethics in economics: lessons from human subjects research [PDF]

Megan Blomfield


Doing the best one can: a new justification for the use of lotteries [PDF]

Ittay Nissan-Rozen


Special contribution:


The potentials and limitations of rational choice theory:

an interview with Gary Becker [PDF]


Book reviews:


Review of Hilary Putnam and Vivian Walsh’s

The end of value-free economics [PDF]

Daniel Little


Review of Malcolm Rutherford’s The institutionalist movement

in American economics, 1918-1947: science and social control [PDF]

David Gindis


Review of Peter J. Boettke’s

Handbook on contemporary Austrian economics [PDF]

David Howden


Review of Iara Vigo de Lima’s

Foucault’s archaeology of political economy [PDF]

Ryan Walter


Review of Mark D. White’s Kantian ethics and economics:

autonomy, dignity, and character [PDF]

Nicolas Gravel


Review of Philippe Steiner’s

Durkheim and the birth of economic sociology [PDF]

Jared L. Peifer


Review of James E. Alvey’s

A short history of ethics and economics: the Greeks [PDF]

Spencer J. Pack


Recent PhD thesis summaries:


Essays in the economics of knowledge [PDF]

Samuli Leppälä


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