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Table of contents [PDF]




Intension, extension, and the model

of belief and knowledge in economics [PDF]

Ivan Moscati


On ceteris paribus laws in economics (and elsewhere):

why do social sciences matter to each other? [PDF]

Menno Rol


Adam Smith’s theory of absolute advantage

and the use of doxography in the history of economics [PDF]

Reinhard Schumacher


Special contribution:


Identity problems:

an interview with John B. Davis [PDF]


Book reviews:


Review of Till Düppe’s

The making of the economy: a phenomenology of economic science [PDF]

Antonio Callari


Review of Aki Lehtinen, Jaakko Kuorikoski, and Petri Ylikoski’s

Economics for real: Uskali Mäki and the place of truth in economics [PDF]

Fredrik Hansen


Review of Valeria Mosini’s Reassessing the paradigm of economics:

bringing positive economics back into the normative framework [PDF]

Peter-Wim Zuidhof


Review of Daniel M. Hausman’s

Preference, value, choice, and welfare [PDF]

Ivan Moscati


Review of Matthew Adler’s

Well-being and fair distribution: beyond cost-benefit analysis [PDF]

Efthymios Athanasiou


Review of Spencer J. Pack’s Aristotle, Adam Smith, and Karl Marx:

on some fundamental issues in 21st century political economy [PDF]

Lisa Herzog


Review of Bernard Walliser’s

Comment raisonnent les économistes: les fonctions des modèles [PDF]

Philippe Verreault-Julien


Recent PhD thesis summaries:


Informal institutions and economic development [PDF]

Thomas Domjahn


Ethics before God and markets: a theory of moral action
in conversation with Adam Smith and Ernst Troeltsch

Joseph D. Blosser


Introductory economics courses
and the university’s commitments to sustainability

Tom L. Green


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