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Table of contents [PDF]




Collective intentionality in economics: making Searle’s

theory of institutional facts relevant for game theory [PDF]

Cyril Hédoin


Early marginalist ideas on money:

some neglected exceptions to the quantity theory [PDF]

Germán D. Feldman


By “fancy or agreement”: Locke’s theory

of money and the justice of the global monetary system [PDF]

Luca J. Uberti


Hayek on the wisdom of prices: a reassessment [PDF]

Richard Bronk


Book reviews:


Review of Mary S. Morgan’s

The world in the model: how economists work and think [PDF]

Robert Sugden


Review of Julian Reiss’s

Philosophy of economics: a contemporary introduction [PDF]

Harold Kincaid


Review of Wilfred Beckerman’s Economics as applied ethics:

value judgements in welfare economics [PDF]

Jonathan B. Wight


Review of Andrew M. Yuengert’s Approximating prudence:

Aristotelian practical wisdom and economic models of choice [PDF]

Ricardo F. Crespo


Review of James Halteman and Edd S. Noell’s

Reckoning with markets: moral reflection in economics [PDF]

Betsy Jane Clary


Review of Ryan Walter’s A critical history of the economy:

on the birth of the national and international economies [PDF]

Till Düppe


Review of Samir Okasha and Ken Binmore’s Evolution and rationality:

decisions, co-operation, and strategic behaviour [PDF]

Wiljan van den Berge


Review of Axel Gosseries and Yannick Vanderborght’s

Arguing about justice: essays for Philippe Van Parijs [PDF]

Juliana Bidadanure


Recent PhD thesis summaries:


Evolutionary foundations of Coasean economics:
transforming new institutional economics into evolutionary economics

Masahiro Mikami


Beyond green and mainstream:
on the normative foundations of environmental policy

Stijn Neuteleers


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