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Table of contents [PDF]




From desire to subjective value:

what neuroeconomics reveals about naturalism [PDF]

Daniel F. Hartner


A category-mistake in the classical labour theory of value [PDF]

Ian Wright


Conceptualising the labour-money connection:

a critical re-examination of Benetti and Cartelier’s

Marchands, salariat et capitalistes [PDF]

Richard Sobel and Nicolas Postel


Special contribution:


In pursuit of the rarest of birds:

an interview with Gilbert Faccarello [PDF]


Book reviews:


Review of Carsten Herrmann-Pillath’s

Foundations of economic evolution:

a treatise on the natural philosophy of economics [PDF]

Don Ross


Review of Huei-chun Su’s Economic justice and liberty:

the social philosophy in John Stuart Mill’s utilitarianism [PDF]

Michael Schefczyk


Review of Robert Leeson’s Hayek: a collaborative biography:

part 1 Influences, from Mises to Bartley [PDF]

Agnieszka Wincewicz-Price


Review of Michael Sandel’s

What money can’t buy: the moral limits of markets [PDF]

Thomas R. Wells


Review of Sonya Marie Scott’s

Architectures of economic subjectivity: the philosophical

foundations of the subject in the history of economic thought [PDF]

Ivan Boldyrev


Recent PhD thesis summaries:


The Viennese students of civilization:

humility, culture and economics in interwar Vienna and beyond [PDF]

Erwin Dekker


Phenomenology and economics [PDF]

Petr Špecián


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