<<< Volume 9, Issue 1, Spring 2016 >>>

Table of contents [PDF]


Articles (special issue on Mandeville):


Science, politics, and the economy:

the unintended consequences of a diabolic paradox (editorial) [PDF]

Laurens van Apeldoorn, Harro Maas, and Johan Olsthoorn


Treating of bodies medical and political:

Dr. Mandeville’s materialism [PDF]

Harold J. Cook


The Dutch background of Bernard Mandeville’s thought:

escaping the Procrustean bed of neo-Augustinianism [PDF]

Rudi Verburg


Bernard Mandeville on hypochondria and self-liking [PDF]

Mauro Simonazzi


Mandeville on charity schools:

happiness, social order and the psychology of poverty [PDF]

Francesca Pongiglione and Mikko Tolonen


Bernard Mandeville and the doctrine of laissez-faire [PDF]

Renee Prendergast


Bees on paper: the British press reads the Fable [PDF]

Matteo Revolti


Special contribution:


Neural networks, real patterns, and the mathematics

of constrained optimization:

an interview with Don Ross [PDF]


Book reviews:


Review of Jonathan Wight’s

Ethics in economics:an introduction to moral frameworks [PDF]

George F. DeMartino


Review of Peter Dietsch’s

Catching capital: the ethics of tax competition [PDF]

Gillian Brock


Review of Istvan Hont’s

Politics in commercial society:

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith [PDF]

Rudi Verburg


Review of Tony Lawson’s

Essays on the nature and state of modern economics [PDF]

Marco Sebastianelli


Review of Daniel M. Hausman’s

Valuing health. Well-being, freedom, and suffering [PDF]

Andrea Klonschinski


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