Average downloads per month (dpm) in the past 12 months

(Updated November 2015)


1. (329 dpm):

Adam Smith and the contemporary world [PDF]

Amartya Sen


2. (251 dpm):

The history of transaction cost economics and its

recent developments [PDF]

Lukasz Hardt


3. (187 dpm):

Michel Foucault’s archaeology of knowledge and economic discourse [PDF]

Serhat Kologlugil


4. (164 dpm):

On ceteris paribus laws in economics (and elsewhere):

why do social sciences matter to each other? [PDF]

Menno Rol


5. (148 dpm):

Ricardo’s discursive demarcations: a Foucauldian study

of the formation of the economy as an object of knowledge [PDF]

Guus Dix


6. (123 dpm):

Mark Blaug’s unrealistic crusade for realistic economics [PDF]

Uskali Mäki


7. (117 dpm):

Hayek on the wisdom of prices: a reassessment [PDF]

Richard Bronk


8. (115 dpm):

Is history of economic thought a “serious” subject? [PDF]

Maria Cristina Marcuzzo


9. (99 dpm):

The Vienna circles:

cultivating economic knowledge outside academia [PDF]

Erwin Dekker


10. (97 dpm):

Mark Blaug on the normativity of welfare economics [PDF]

D. Wade Hands