invites submissions of original academic research articles across our research domains. All submissions should be sent by e-mail to: 


Research domains:


(1) Methodology of economics

The methodological analysis and appraisal of the concepts, theories and techniques of economics, both mainstream and heterodox.


(2) History of economic thought

The historical development of the ideas, theories, and methods of economics.


(3) Ethics and economics

The moral and political philosophy of economics, concerning for example the ethical presumptions and implications of economic concepts, theories, and reasoning.


(4) Inter-disciplinary approaches to economics

Conceptually interesting work on the intersection of economics and other disciplines, which introduces valuable new perspectives for our understanding of the study of economic phenomena or other disciplines. For example, phenomenological approaches to economics, sociology of the economics profession, economics of science, economics and literature, economic reasoning in moral philosophy.

All submissions must show a clear connection to economics, focus on conceptual or philosophical issues, and clearly identify their contribution to the already published academic literature on their topic.

Please see our detailed
Instructions for Authors.