The Mark Blaug Prize in Philosophy and Economics was awarded to


Reinhard Schumacher (University of Potsdam), for his article:


Adam Smith’s theory of absolute advantage

and the use of doxography in the history of economics [PDF]


The article embeds a historical reconstruction of Adam Smith’s theory of international trade within a sophisticated discussion of historiography.
The result is both a better understanding of Smith’s theory and its merits, and a critical alertness to the pitfalls of the Whiggish approach to the history of ideas that is common in economics


Judging Panel:


Till Düppe (Université du Québec à Montréal)


D. Wade Hands (University of Puget Sound)


Caterina Marchionni (University of Helsinki)


Deirdre N. McCloskey (University of Illinois at Chicago)


Jack Vromen (Erasmus University Rotterdam)