The Mark Blaug Prize in Philosophy and Economics was awarded to


Guus Dix (Maastricht University), for his article:


Ricardo’s discursive demarcations: a Foucauldian study

of the formation of the economy as an object of knowledge [PDF]


The article contributes to our understanding of how the economy, prior to being studied, is demarcated as an object to be studied. It is a masterful deployment of a Foucault-inspired archaeology of knowledge approach to the history and philosophy of economics, which extends and surpasses Foucault’s own attempts to explain how the economy became an object of knowledge.


Judging Panel:


Marcel Boumans (Erasmus University Rotterdam)


Annie Cot (University Paris-1)


Lisa Herzog (Stanford University)


Malcolm Rutherford (University of Victoria)


Reinhard Schumacher (University of Potsdam)