Governing by carrot and stick

A genealogy of the incentive


  • Guus Dix Maastricht University, The Netherlands



Guus Dix, PhD thesis, Michel Foucault, genealogy of knowledge, history of economics

Author Biography

Guus Dix, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Guus Dix is lecturer in social philosophy at the Faculty of the Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University. He studies, from a Foucauldian perspective, the mutual reinforcement of the production of social scientific knowledge about individuals and groups and the practices and institutions in which they are governed. Extending upon his dissertation Governing by carrot and stick: a genealogy of the incentive, he now explores the advocacy of the incentive as a technique of power in education by economic experts and policy makers as well as the resistance this provokes.




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Dix, G. (2014). Governing by carrot and stick: A genealogy of the incentive. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 7(2), 185–188.



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