The bourgeoisie and the scholar


  • Joel Mokyr Northwestern University and Tel Aviv University



Joel Mokyr, Deirdre McCloskey, Bourgeois equality

Author Biography

Joel Mokyr, Northwestern University and Tel Aviv University

Joel Mokyr is Robert H. Strotz professor of arts and sciences and professor of economics and history at Northwestern University and Sackler professor, (by special appointment) at the Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel Aviv University. He is also affiliated with CIFAR, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and a director of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is an economic historian with special interests in the economic history of science and technology and economic growth. His most recent books include The enlightened economy (2009) and The gifts of Athena (2002) as well as his forthcoming A culture of growth (2016).




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Mokyr, J. (2016). The bourgeoisie and the scholar. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 9(2), 53–65.