On the Very Idea of a Just Wage (editorial)


  • Huub Brouwer Tilburg University, The Netherlands
  • Thomas Mulligan Georgetown University, United States




just wages, Joseph Heath, marginal product, desert, markets, financial crisis

Author Biographies

Huub Brouwer, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Huub Brouwer is a PhD candidate at the Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Science of Tilburg University. His research interests are in theories of distributive justice, particularly desertism and luck egalitarianism. 

Thomas Mulligan, Georgetown University, United States

Thomas Mulligan is a visiting scholar at Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics, where he conducts research in, primarily, economic justice and collective decision-making. He is the author of the 2018 monograph, Justice and the Meritocratic State.




How to Cite

Brouwer, H., & Mulligan, T. (2018). On the Very Idea of a Just Wage (editorial). Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 11(2), iv-vi. https://doi.org/10.23941/ejpe.v11i2.378