Social Identities

Narrow and Broad, Exclusive and Inclusive, Firm and Fuzzy


  • Peter Finke University of Zurich, Switzerland



As part of an article symposium on Partha Dasgupta and Sanjeev Goyal’s “Narrow Identities” (2019, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics), Peter Finke offers a critical anthropological perspective on the concept of social identity and its modeling in economics.

Author Biography

Peter Finke, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Peter Finke is Professor for Social Anthropology at the University of Zurich. An expert in economic anthropology, he has conducted field research in Mongolia, Qazaqstan, and Uzbekistan on issues of economic transformation, institutional change, and social identity since the early 1990s.




How to Cite

Finke, P. (2022). Social Identities: Narrow and Broad, Exclusive and Inclusive, Firm and Fuzzy. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 14(2), 99–105.